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SKB has a great diversity of customers. From big to small. Organisations that annually book 40 containers to companies that continuously book these numbers per week. But also customers that have a lot of business the one period, but relatively little the next. For all types of customers, we look for the best solution.


The staff

Naturally, SKB has its own staff: both at the office and in the lorries. We invest in our people through training programmes, teambuilding and personal attention. The transport sector is very direct and at times even hard and we work with time pressure every single day. That is something you have to be able to cope with, but in consultation with the customer, we also look for space and mutual understanding in case of situations of force majeure.


SKB Logistics also works with charters. They are essential due totheir independence and motivation. But, they too, as independent entrepreneurs, have their own wishes in terms of type of work and desired turnover.  SKB strives for optimal return for all parties.Such a form of collaboration must result in a win-win situation for all parties: customer, staff and charter.


Our stakeholders

As a transport company, you find yourself in a very precarious position. You have to switch between the different stakeholders:the customers, the staff and the charters.

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