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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility or sustainable entrepreneurship.This is a subject of much discussion. In the transport sector it is also possible to contribute to a better environment and increased well-being of employees and society. SKB actively works towards this, despite the currently difficult market conditions.


Sustainable choice: book one-way transport

There are plenty of alternatives that make road transport more sustainable. Engines are getting increasingly cleaner, special mixtures are added to diesel for a cleaner driving engine and electric trucks are gaining popularity.

Transport of goods on basis of a single trip

Still, there is one form of transport that has been around for years and which can definitely be considered a sustainable choice, namely one-way transport. One-way transport is the transport of goods in containers on the basis of a single trip. For instance, the container is loaded in Rotterdam and is delivered in Mainz, Germany. The customer only pays for this trip, for these kilometres. The haulier arranges the return trip with another customer. This creates the right impulse, as the haulier schedules in his trips as efficiently as possible. After all, only the kilometres driven with a container are paid.The so-called ‘empty kilometres’ only cost money.


Euro 6


Still, there are many organisations that transport their containers by ‘round-trip’. The customer pays for both the outward and the return trips, all kilometres, from loading to delivery at the seaports. There is no incentive for an efficient schedule because the customer pays for all kilometres anyway.

SKB Logistics is a one-way haulier through and through. It has been transporting 98% of containers on the basis of one-way transport ever since it set up business 12 years ago. That's a sustainable choice. Apart from that, the majority of our fleet consists of Euro 6 trucks.  Does your organisation still transport all of its containers on the basis of expensive ‘round-trips’? If so, contact us for more information about our approach and favourable rates.

Euro 6 is the emission norm for vehicles that has taken effect in the European Union on 31 December 2013 for various vehicles. This is the current, most clean standard for nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon hydrogens (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulates (PM10). The vehicle fleet of SKB Logistics fully complies with this standard.

Training staff

The safety and comfort of the driver is safeguarded with various advanced driving training programmes for the staff. But, the environment also profits from this: economic driving forms an important part of the training. Additionally, the Code 95 regulation receives specific attention. All the drivers meet this regulation.

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