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Side loader | low loader

SKB has side loaders and low loaders in its vehicle fleet. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Special container transport

A side loader is a special lorry that can independently place empty and loaded sea containers horizontally from the trailer on the ground or onto another trailer. Our side loader can transport 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 40ft HC. We also offer transport options for 45ft and 45ft HC. The load capacity is 33,000 kg and it is possible to place two containers on top of each other. With a side loader, you can easily load via the ground if there is no loading dock or bridge available. This solution is also ideal for placing an advertisement container on the ground or for the transport of power aggregates.

A low loader has multi-functional uses for the transport of earthmoving and road building machines, boilers, wheel loaders, cherry pickers, crane ballast, boats, steel and concrete constructions, tower components and rotor blades of windmills, etc. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) amounts to a maximum of 126 tonnes at 80 km/h for the most extensive semi-low loader combination.


We also provide transport with Euro low loaders. These low loaders are deployed for the transport of the above-mentioned matters. However, the GVW is higher: a maximum of 134 tonnes at 80 km/h for the largest low loader combination. The conventional low loader is equipped with a hydraulic suspension system (air suspension optional) and a hydraulic swivel pin steering.

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