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Always those truck drivers

Truck drivers are always to blame, so it seems. And, of course, things do go wrong, errors of judgement are made, e.g. driving an empty tarpaulin truck in stormy conditions but there are limits. We made a few posts about this on our Facebook page, aimed at those with an outspoken opinion. Truck drivers seem to serve as target practice, while most do a tremendous job and are skilled and committed.

One such example is an article of 8 February 2018: Transport insurer TVM claims that a large shortage of competent truck drivers has led to hundreds of extra accidents and damage reports last year. Fortunately, the Dutch Transport Operators Association(TLN) comes to the defence of truck drivers. TLN wonders what TVM bases this valuation on. They think that putting drivers away as those causing road accidents is too simplistic. Click here to read a background article: (article in Dutch).

A driver in the AD newspaper of 31 January 2018 makes an appeal: “don’t judge too quickly!” We posted this on our Facebook page with the text: “You may already have read the article or you may not. Nevertheless, we welcome this appeal: do not be judgemental when it comes to traffic accidents involving a truck. This recent experience of a truck driver is certainly worth reading”. Want to read the article (in Dutch)? Click here.

This message is meant to support all professional drivers in the Netherlands. We know that you work hard and that you do a proper job. The Netherlands needs you because, without transport, everything grinds to a halt. We hope that many people will opt for a career in this great profession.


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