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First charter manual handed out in Romania

SKB Logistics uses its own material to transport containers but we also use a lot of charters. They come from different countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and also Romania. The last weekend of august Robert Klip and Toon de Vree visited a number of our Romanian partner companies. These companies each provide us with 10 to 15 trucks.

Handing out manual

During our visit we handed out our first copy of our new charter manual. In Romanian. In the photo below you see Robert Klip, manager of SKB handing over the manual to Andrei Ciutac. The manual contains clear information about how we work. Our workinstructions, general rules of conduct and the tasks and responsibilities of the driver are clearly stated. But we also provide information about how you can deal with aggression and violence, accidents and prevention tips regarding break-in and theft.

Available in different languages

We are currently distributing our manuals among our charters. The manuals are available in Dutch, English, German and Romanian. More information about what we offer our charters can be found on

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